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8:45am Gospel Fluency Training 6/12 in Tacoma

By Justin Kuravackal in MC Leaders almost 6 years ago | 684 views
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Learn how a community of disciples can learn to fluently understand and speak about how the gospel applies to all of life—as if the gospel is their native language and the lens through which they see everything. 

The training is 1 1/2 hours, either at 8:45 or 11am in the space behind the stage at the Tacoma building.

Renton & Issaquah folks, this is a chance for you to get this training if you missed it in your area.  

If you’d like a hard copy, please download and print the notes [attached on The City].

If you’re coming, be sure to watch this Gospel Fluency video ahead of time.  Jeff will teach assuming you have heard this. 

Even if you replied to Jeff’s earlier post, please RSVP for 8:45 or 11am.

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Discussion about this event

Kyle Klevjer on 06/06/2011

No. Out of town.

June 12
8:45 am – 10:30 am
2320 Pacific Ave
Tacoma WA 98402
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26 people
are coming
Todd Chamberlain (1)


Peter Rutter (2)

William Turbyfill (3)

Lissa Magnuson (2)

Dina Ticas (2)

John Quick (1)

Joshua Mayer (2)

Timothy McNeely (2)

Scott Newman (1)

David Wilcox (1)

Janice Odman (2)

Matthew Van Horne (2)

Sondra Chamberlain (4)

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